These programs are intended to offer participants a host of lectures and seminars on specific specialized topics in the field of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics. Designed to accommodate a wide range of individuals from all orthodontist categories, continuing education through online coursework has become ideal nowadays. There are a large number of online topics planned, making it easier to select the one that fits your specific needs.

The details of these Continuing Education Programs can be sent by email upon request & the key information are as follows:

  • Locations: Paris, France or any other country according to participants demand.
  • Number of participants: Minimum of fifteen is required.
  • Attendance: One or two full days depending on each topic.
  • Starting dates: January 2021.
  • Languages: French, English and Spanish.
  • Level of study: Orthodontists and postgraduate students in orthodontics.
  • Fees: Four hundred ninety euros per day (490 €).

These programs cover all aspects of orthodontics and comprises fifteen topics as follows:

  • Asymmetries: Z. BENTAHAR and J. BOUSERHAL
  • Mini-implants: J. BOUSERHAL
  • Aligners: G. LECOCQ
  • Lingual orthodontics: G. LECOCQ
  • Vertical dimension: J. BOUSERHAL
  • Interceptive orthodontics: J. BOUSERHAL
  • Finishing in orthodontics: Z. BENTAHAR
  • Biomechanics in orthodontics: Z. BENTAHAR
  • Esthetics in orthodontics: J. BOUSERHAL
  • Treatment planning in orthodontics: J. BOUSERHAL
  • Ortho-surgical treatments: Z. BENTAHAR
  • Digital orthodontics: G. LECOCQ
  • Sleep apnea and orthodontics: J. BOUSERHAL
  • 3D imaging and orthodontics: J. BOUSERHAL