These study groups are topic-based and organized in small groups. Some are theoretical topics while other topics are more clinically-oriented and tailored on demand. The topics are defined mutually by the participants and the instructor and may include short clinical communications and case presentations. Essentially, they facilitate communication between all participants interested in the subject matter. They constitute an ideal way to meet your peers from all corners of the world and develop your orthodontic skills. With the recent transition to online learning, anyone can join them. They are perfect for both postgraduate students and orthodontists willing to acquire further education. 

The details of these Study Groups can be sent by email upon request and the key information are as follows:

  • Delivery: Online.
  • Number of participants: Five to seven is required.
  • Topic: Choice done according to participants’ demand.
  • Attendance: Five sessions per semester or ten sessions per year, with a duration of ninety minutes for each session.
  • Starting dates: November 2020.
  • Languages: French, English and Spanish.
  • Level of study: Orthodontists and postgraduate students in orthodontics.
  • Fees: Four hundred and ninety euros per semester per participant (490 €) or seven hundred and fifty euros per year per participant (750 €).